Alphacanis Eurasiers
Alphacanis Eurasiers

We are dedicated breeders of family-raised Eurasier puppies in the UK.

Our Eurasiers, Pamina and Sheba are a very central part of our family. We are very proud of Pamina's puppies puppy
and happy that they are bringing so much joy to their families and everybody who meets them.

We have had a beautiful litter of Eurasier puppies on September 25th 2009.

If you would like to reserve a puppy from our next litter, please contact us.

Eurasier puppy photo album (Pamina's A-litter) - please click on the photo to open
Eurasier puppy Louis at 7 weeks

When breeding Eurasier puppies from our very healthy champion bitch, we believe in selecting the best possible dog /sire (temperament, health and conformation =looks) and in putting all our time and effort into the best possible upbringing and socialisation. This ensures that each Eurasier puppy will be a valuable member of the new family.

Also, we are dedicated to realising the Ethical Code of the Eurasier Society of the UK,the strictest of any Eurasier association/ club in this country, as this ensures the health of each dog, as well as the continued health of the Eurasier as a breed. By doing this we are also supportive members of the Accredited Breeders Scheme of the UK Kennel Club.

For these reasons we don't always have puppies available, but some say they are well worth the wait!

Eurasierpuppies are a central part of our family. We put lots of time in effort into the socialisation and health of our Eurasierpuppies. Alphacanis Eurasiers, breeders of quality family raised Eurasierpuppies in the UK. The welfare of the dogs we bred is essential to us.

We are located at:

Richmond / Surrey


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