Alphacanis Eurasiers
Alphacanis Eurasiers

We are Brigitte and Peter.
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My name is Brigitte Mordan-Grimm (contact) and I am a professional homoeopath as well as a university lecturer in life sciences, as my background is in science, more specifically in zoology.

I was born and raised in Austria, but have been living here in the UK (Great Britain) with my husband Peter since 2000.
We currently have 2 Eurasier girls living in our household and they are much-loved family pets. We have a very busy and active family life with frequent visits from our children, grandchildren and friends - with and without their dogs.

Brigitte on her passion for dogs, especially Eurasiers: 'I can't even remember a time when I wasn't interested in dogs, as I grew up with a poodle-cross and was very lucky to experience 2 litters with her. My interest in dogs then deepened during my studies in biology. In my search for the ideal companion dog, I encountered the Eurasier breed in the 1980's, got my first Eurasier bitch, Inka von Thujevan, and have never looked back. I now own the only German Eurasier in the UK, Pamina von der kleinen Blaike (who is a Champion in her ‘homeland’) and her cheeky daughter Alphacanis Bethsheba.

Over the years, I have travelled all over Europe as well as North America in the name of the Eurasier breed and have, in the process, found many like-minded friends'.
I have organised and participated in many zoological, Eurasier and other dog seminars and conferences, and have attended numerous dog shows at all levels throughout Europe. My versatile (and still expanding!) canine interests range from genetics, dog behaviour, agility, and obedience to showing.

I have been a member of the Eurasier Club Austria (ECA) for many years, of the Eurasier Club Weinheim, Germany (EKW),and of the

United States Eurasier Club (USEC); I am a member of the Eurasier Club Italy (ECI).

I am also a very proud founder member of the Southern Eurasier Association (UK) (SEA) .

I work with the greatest dedication for this wonderful breed and raise my puppies in the spirit of the Eurasier philosophy set forth by the German founding clubs. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any information that you can't find on this website.

From the beginning in the early 80-ies - when I had the opportunity to meet Konrad Lorenz personally - to the very day: I feel very privileged to be involved with this special breed!



Peter, Brigitte's husband, on his experience with their first Eurasier Pamina:

I was apprehensive at the prospect of becoming a dog owner. Would she create havoc in the house? Would she terrorize small children? Would the daily walks become a chore? I had had a family dog as a child, and my wife had owned a Eurasier previously, so I was aware of the breed and its virtues, but little did I know when we chose her as a seven-week-old puppy in Germany, that she would come to exert such a strong hold on me.

It didn’t happen straight away, but a few weeks after she arrived in England aged ten months I was hooked, and the bond just grows stronger! For me Pamina is the perfect dog – intelligent, utterly beautiful to look at, wonderfully affectionate to her immediate family, a little aloof with strangers, and with a sufficiently independent streak to engender a strong personality.

She has brought nothing but joy to our lives.

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