Alphacanis Eurasiers
Alphacanis Eurasiers
Eurasiers are stunningly beautiful. It is not just what I think personally, but it is what I overhear and overheard people commenting on my dogs and also what other Eurasier owners keep telling me.

However, they are surely not the perfect dog for everybody!

Since the Eurasier is a fairly new breed (50 years old), you cannot be certain if you will get all the characteristics in your puppy that you are looking for. Some would say that this makes the breed even more charming, and certainly it is good from a diversity and genetic point of view. However, we will be able to assist you to find the puppy most suited to you, as we know them best at that early stage.

But, individual Eurasiers each have their own personalities! Some are more reserved than others, and single dogs might even be as friendly with strangers as Samoyeds (one of their 3 original ancestors). Some are very forward, some are on the shy side and are easily disturbed by unknown people and events. The stronger characters, particularly in male dogs, can become aggressive if not treated correctly, especially in puppyhood, although one would be pushed to find an example. Most are a little stubborn and some are a bit more stubborn. That does not mean that they are difficult to train though. In the right hands and under the appropriate, gentle, consistent and encouraging guidance, they will learn at least as quickly as most other breeds! But, there will always be a day when they are not that interested in what you say, which might well be followed by another day, when you think you are sharing your life with a German Shepherd!

Some would not know what to do when they saw a mouse, others love chasing, most fall somewhere in-between. Some need a lot of exercise and are only happy after a good 2-hour walk and run, only to be ready for another walk within the next couple of hours. Some love the water and swimming, and would even retrieve objects. For most this thought doesn’t even bear thinking about and a little dip up to their belly is all they could contemplate.

Some Eurasiers are very picky eaters, others will ‘inhale’ their food in a few seconds. Almost all are messy drinkers – leaving water trails everywhere. This means more work for you, of course!

They are individualists!

However, beneath that partial disguise, they are completely focussed on their family, aware of where you are at any one time, what you are doing and how you are feeling. Your Eurasier might be asleep in a corner in the garden whilst you are reading the newspaper in your living room, and you shift to another room in the house and half a minute later there is a plop at your feet and your Eurasier curls up there, perfectly contented. This shows that they need to be with you, if possible at all times. You need to treat them like a member of the family, share your house, indeed your life, with them. Leaving them shut away on their own or in kennels when you go on holiday is not a thought worth thinking – your Eurasier comes with you like any other member of the family!

Some of my friends think that they are very cat-like dogs- and I have to agree.

If you get a red Eurasier, people know it is a Chow Chow when they meet you on your walks. If it is grey it is a wolf or a Keeshond; the possibilities are endless with other colours. You will think of printing your own leaflets explaining what Eurasiers are (or get them from the UK Eurasier Society).

And, finally, it is very hard, some say impossible, to stop with just one. They are highly addictive!

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