WELCOME to Alphacanis Eurasiers!

We are dedicated owners and breeders (Assured Breeder by the UK Kennel Club) of quality family-raised Eurasiers in Surrey (close to London), UK. 
Our Eurasier bitches are a central part of our family, and we are very passionate about our Eurasiers.

Please contact us about any Eurasier-related isssue. We are always happy to help.

We are planning a litter from Sheeba (Alphacanis Bethsheba) for Autumn 2016.

In autumn 2009 we kept a puppy, our sweet and fun-loving Sheeba (Alphacanis Bethsheba).
 for a photo album of our Sheeba
click on the puppy picture

Eurasiers are a very special breed of family or companion dogs.

We would like to give you information on the Eurasier dog breed in general, as well as personal information on us and our own dog(s)The Eurasier is a relatively new dog breed and stems from Germany, the home of some of our own ancestors. Moreover, we hope to be able to convey the very special philosophy behind the Eurasier breed which, if raised well, makes Eurasiers ideal family companion dog. Please contact us directly for more information and any planned litters (or available puppy, puppies).

We are founder members of the Eurasier Society UK.

Eurasiers are a wonderful breed of companion dog. Eurasier in UK are not well known. Our Eurasiers are important members of our family. Our Eurasier puppy / puppies are loving brought up as part of thee family. Eurasiers are wonderful family dog /s.